Antique Dolls

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Western Pioneers Coloring Book

The entire pleasure of westward growth and lifestyles at the American frontier are vividly depicted during this rigorously researched coloring publication. Artist Peter Copeland has rendered 36 finely particular illustrations portraying the dramatic rescue of the Donner occasion (1847), a keelboat coming near near a thriving river city, a wagon teach attacked by way of Indians, prospectors within the Rockies, a Mormon handcart corporation going West, a piece gang laying railroad tracks (1860s), workmen erecting the 1st transcontinental telegraph traces (1861), stagecoach robbers at paintings within the early Eighties, and masses extra.

Print, glue, scissors, paint

An advent to paintings concepts for teenagers who are looking to create anything targeted in a brief period of time rigorously explains every one venture with step by step illustrations and a photo of the ultimate outcome.

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