Anatomy of the dog by Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C

By Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C Christensen

Binding: Hardcover writer: W.B. Saunders corporation Date released: 1964 ISBN-13: 9780721663609 ISBN: 0721663605

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It consists of four parts: a median perpendicular plate, or lamina; two lateral masses covered by the ex­ ternal lamina; and a cribriform plate, to which the ethmoturbinates of the lateral masses attach. The perpendicular plate (lamina perpendicularis), or mesethmoid, is a median vertical sheet of bone which, by articulating with the vomer below and the septal processes of the frontal and nasal bones above, forms the osseous nasal sep­ tum (septum nasi osseum). This bony septum is prolonged anteriorly by the cartilaginous nasal septum.

The petrosum contains the osseous labyrinth (capsula ossei labyrinthi), which is divided into three parts: the cochlea, semicircular canals, and vestibule. The basal turn of the cochlea is SQUA MA T E M P O R A L I S Z y g o m a tic process Petrosal cre s t C a n a l f o r m a j ■ s up e rf . p e t r o s a l n fo r chorda tympani C a n a l f o r t r i g e m i n a l n. ~~ C a r o t i d c a na l - Ret royl enoi d p r o c e s s " \ M u s c u la r process Tympanic bulla Fig . 1-13. ' ' Ext. a c o u s t i c m ea t us A u d ito r y iube Left temporal bone, anterior aspect.

The angle o f the m andible (angulus mandibulae) is the posteroventral part of the bone. It contains a salient hooked process in the dog, the angular process (processus angularis). The lateral surface of the ramus contains a prominent, three-sided depression, the mas­ seteric fo ssa (fossa masseterica), for the inser­ tion of the strong masseter muscle. This muscle attaches to the coronoid and condyloid proc­ esses and is limited by the coronoid crest (crista coronoidea) anteriorly and by the condyloid crest (crista condyloidea) posteriorly.

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