An introduction to the Cabala : tree of life by Warren Kenton

By Warren Kenton

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Advent to the Zohar is the second one in a chain written via Kabbalist and scientist Rav Michael Laitman, so as to organize readers to appreciate the hidden message of The Zohar. among the valuable subject matters handled during this better half textual content to The technological know-how of Kabbalah, readers are brought to the 'language of root and branch', with no which the tales within the Zohar are mere myth and legend.

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Yesod, or the Foundation, which is an amalgam of all that has gone before, organises the whole operation in a personal style and reflects back what has been written, while retaining a memory image for reference. Malcut is the body and the book itself, the actual physical manifestation in the world. Heaven has reached Earth. Here in this illustration we have a ·brief outline of the Lightning Flash as described in the Human Tree of Life. All creative processes in the Universe follow the same pattern, though in the terms of their own level.

All creative processes in the Universe follow the same pattern, though in the terms of their own level. v Tree and Man The Tree is said to underlie any complete being or organisation. How does it then relate to Man? For it is most important that one verifies knowledge directly with one's experience or it becomes merely learning. Old engravings superimpose a human male figure with raised arms on to the Tree of Life with the column of passivity on his right. This differentiates the Microcosmos from the Macrocosmic Tree of Life which has the Sephiroth from left to right.

This all inclusive dot is called the First Crown, the first indication of the Absolute, perhaps better known as I AM, the first of many God names. Out of this top Crown stream all the beings who have ever been, are, or will be. Contained in the negative existence beyond lie myriads of possibilities. Man sees only a thin section of this ever present dimension. In him are all his children and his children's children. Out of Adam came all men. Did Abraham guess at the full meaning of his seed becoming a nation?

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