Aikido in Everyday Life Giving in to Get Your Way by Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

By Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

Clash is an unavoidable point of residing. The past due popular aikido grasp Terry Dobson, including Victor Miller, current aikido as a foundation for clash solution. «Attack-tics» is a approach of clash solution in response to the foundations of aikido, the non-violent martial artwork Morihei Ueshiba created after international warfare II. no longer all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and never all conflicts are both threatening.
Preface to the second one Edition
PART 1. starting attack-tics
I. Losers Weepers
II. Conflict
III. Theres extra to clash than struggle or Flight
IV. Your clash Options
V. Centering
VI. Aiki
VII. Aiki and the round Attack
VIII. an afternoon within the Life
PART 2. complex attack-tics
IX. Geometry: the form of Conflict
X. a number of Attack
XI. yet Isnt It tough to Change
XII. Now you are attempting It
XIII. the main opposed Aggressor of All
XIV. The Spirit of Attack-tics and the Attack-tics of Spirit
Attack-tics Reminders

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At first it will seem an impossible job-this estimating and thinking and checking and questioning. If you try, though, you will find that it soon becomes a substitute for your less successful past attempts to Fight Back. The rewards are immediate, and that alone should encourage you to continue. If you fail and get "tricked" back into your old modes of behavior, the world will not come to an end. Just get back on the track and try again. You can do it. 51 Your Conflict Options 2. WITHDRAWAL If fighting has a bad press in our culture, nothing could be worse, we are told, than running away.

You have the right to say, "Look, I'm tired right now, and you're asking me to deal with a very difficult problem. " If you keep getting caught on somebody else's clock, you'll be stuck every time. Not every conflict has to be dealt with at the time of the infraction. You do have some power. Use it. The other aspect of time is timing. You have to sense when the right moment for the right fact and right statement comes along. It won't do to have you shoot your whole force on the opening salvo. You're an intelligent person, and you can do a whole lot better in your fights by being more sensitive to timing than to your bruised ego.

All conflicts are not equally threatening. MISPERCEIVERS: PEOPLE WHO MISPERCEIVE CONFLICf Misperceiving conflict is just as dangerous as seeing all conflicts as equally threatening. It is also just as prevalent. Most characteristically, the Misperceiver makes one of two crucial errors: I) He sees conflict where there is none; or, 2) he reads conflict incorrectly and fights about something other than what the fight is really about. The Misperceiver is the person who tends to turn every conflict into a win/lose situation.

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