A Poverty of Riches: New Challenges and Opportunities in PLA by James C. Mulvenon, Andrew Yang

By James C. Mulvenon, Andrew Yang

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This effort at creating coalitions, coupled with domestic political uncertainty, means that while the United States may be militarily and technologically stronger than the PRC, it also operates under distinct constraints. Perhaps most important is that, in order to minimize the potential for contradictions with its allies, the United States and any coalition it leads must seek a prompt victory, with relatively few casualties. Given these limitations, as well as the evolution of technology since the SinoVietnamese War of 1979 and the Falklands War, Beijing has concluded that the United States will seek to undertake limited warfare, aimed at unbalancing an opponent, involving the widespread use of precision strike munitions in conjunction with advanced reconnaissance and information systems, in a modernized version of joint warfare.

154 “Achievements and Future of China’s Satellite Programs,” Zhongguo hangtian, No. 2, 2001, pp. 6-8. 11-16. 155 Tang Bochang, “A Review of and Future Prospects for Remote Sensing and Scientific Experiments Using China’s Recoverable Satellites,” Zhongguo hangtian, No. 4, 2001, translated in FBISCHI, 14 May 2001. 156 Ibid. 157 Ibid. 158 Chen Yiyuan, “Successful Launch of CBERS-1 Shows China’s Space Navigation Technology Has Reached New Heights,” Zhongguo hangtian, 1 March 2000, pp. 21-28, translated in FBIS-CHI, 14 April 2000.

127-131, translated in FBIS-CHI, 20 May 1997. - 34 - • • • The Long March-2E, which can put 9 metric tons into low Earth orbit, from which it is then possible to move the satellite into geostationary or geosynchronous. It is believed that a modified version of this system, the -2F, is the basis of Chinese manned space flights. The Long March-3 series gives the PRC the ability to launch objects directly into geosynchronous orbit. 8 metric tons to geostationary orbit. It is comparable to the Ariane or Delta-type launchers.

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