A Maiden's Diary by Alexandra Guy

By Alexandra Guy

An erotic tour-de-force...wherein is printed the intercourse schooling of a prosperous Victorian girl.

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A thick gold chain lay glittering against his massive hairy chest. He let the towel drop and strode over to Jane's head, which was positioned so he could drive his cock down her throat. First he moved into her line of vision so she could see the huge penis of which he was so proud and which Brenda also prized. Jane almost fainted from the sight of it. The thought of that thing entering her caused her vaginal walls to clench involuntarily against the cold hard steel shoved deep inside of her. But Robert wasn't planning on fucking her yet.

And maybe the police had traced her car. For all the good it did her. They would never find her. Who would ever think to look here? No doubt Robert and Brenda were pillars of their community. Money bought you respectability. If she ever did get away, who would believe her story against theirs? She had never felt worthwhile, even before the abduction. " Maybe she was right. Anger was replaced with resignation as a tear slipped down Jane's cheek. Brenda, like any skilled predator, knew when the prey was weakening.

She hadn't moved her bowels in front of him. Then, when she finally did it, as reported by Brenda, she had waited until they were sleeping, the little sneak! Well, today that would change. This particular afternoon Brenda was busy getting beautiful at the hair salon. To make sure he got what he was after, Robert decided to give the frog a special treat. A lovely bowl of chocolate ice cream. But the syrup he squirted over it was laced with Maltitol, a sweetener with a decided laxative effect. He watched her eat it, though he could see she would rather have been left alone.

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