A King's Commander: The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures #7 (Bk. by Dewey Lambdin

By Dewey Lambdin

Alan Lewrie is now commander of HMS Jester, an 18-gun sloop. Lewrie sails into Corsica in basic terms to obtain magnificent orders: he needs to entice his archenemy, French commander Guillaume Choundas, into conflict and for my part strike the malevolent spymaster dead. With Horatio Nelson as his squadron commander on one hand and a luscious courtesan who spies for the French at the different, Lewrie needs to pull out all of the stops if he will dwell as much as his personal popularity and convey glory to the British Royal army.

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Half his life in uniform, half his life at sea so far, and Alan, and Buchanon, knew why men should never tempt Neptune with cockiness. ” Cony said, knuckling his brow as he arrived on the quarterdeck. “Josephs was whistling on deck, Mister Cony,” Lewrie explained. “Aye, sir,” Cony rumbled deep in his chest, all his affability gone in an instant. ” “Aye, and then explain to both of ’em, so they never make such a cod’s-head’s mistake on my ship again, Mister Cony,” Lewrie ordered. ” “Aye aye, sir,” Hyde answered, smug with lore, and distaste for the error.

Not after the landsmen and Marines, who would be forced to assist on the tackles, were deafened and quivered to a state of nerves by the first blasts. And half of that had been instruction, employing only a single piece at a time, mostly letting them watch, before trying them out at the least-skillful jobs. There’d only been a week of dry-firing, using an entire broadside at once, and that wasn’t nearly enough. ” Knolles said, after going below to change into clean clothing, and silk stockings and shirt, which were easier for the surgeon to draw out from wounds.

Thankee, Cap’um,” Andrews replied. ” Lewrie grimaced. On the berth deck, where “pusser’s glims” still burned on mess tables, the sounds of fiddle, fife, and tuning box could be heard, well into a droning, lugubriously sentimental, dirgelike song. Hands were singing along, some already in their hammocks hung from carline posts and overhead beams; linens, bolsters, and thin mattresses already full of softly swinging seamen, in the minutes before Lights Out. ” Andrews shook his head in scorn.  . but only know de one tune.

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