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And, pAN, z^Y» others eoAt/z ] f. part, share covetous (Me love) T c u ^ possessive pronoun f. that which belongs to v. finger,toe TcoBe name of 5th Egyptian month T C D c o B e , TCJDBe f. brick (hence adobe) TcocDBe, TOOB^, T o o B e t scul, stamp; m. seal TCJDcuBe, T O O B ^ repay; m. repayment T B A ten thousand, myriad TO [TAeie MATTO R^oyo Toe, TBBO [ T O y B O ] , TFBe-,TB"BO** ToyBHoyTt, ToyBAeiTt ] [ T O y BA^ ] , TBBHy t [TOyBHyt, cleanse, purify (caus. of oyon); m. purification, purity T F N H , pi.

Receptacle, vessel hide KHne f. vault, roof, cellar [KHne]v. 6Hne cloud Koynp m. henna, flower Koyp n. deaf person, hearing impaired person K p o , pi. K p o D o y m. fire KpRpR murmur; m. muttering, complaint K p o M p R , KpRpcoMt be dark KpRrc m. f. frog KCDpq^ ( e - ) beg, request, persuade; m. persuasion Kpoq m. bone KCJDCDC, K o o c ^ , K H C ^ prepare for burial, bury; m. corpse, burial KAice f. burial, shroud K xc K C whisper; m. gossip K O C K C , K e c K C o c ^ ( e B O A ) bend, stretch out 2oyp m.

F. instructor] pi. T M e m. village, town pRRt^e n. villager, citizen T c u c o M C , T O M c t [ T A M c t ] join, bcfitting^;m. union T M A T O , T M A i e -, TMATO=^ , T M A i H y t justify, praise; m. justification TMH f. mat T R M O , T M C T M O ^ , T R M H y t feed, nourish (caus. of o y c u M ) T O U M C , T R C - , T O M C ^ , T O M c t bury T C U M T , T C U M R T ( e - ) meet, happen upon, encounter T R ^ O , T R ^ e T R ^ O ^ set on fire; m. burning T R - personal pronoun 1st person pi.

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